How to contribute

idea boxAll of you are welcome to our community, to use our code, to praise or criticize us, but above all your feedback and involvement will be highly appreciated and for sure it will make you feel good when giving back.

There are many ways you can contribute and thus become part of a living community. What you can do depends on your choice of envolvement. The more dedicated you become, the more possibilities will open to you. To learn more about these, please see Structure and Roles section.

Do you have an idea of a feature or new project you think is useful and worth adding over FinTP? You may access our forum, even if you are just a simple member (actually, there is nothing simple about a member, as there are many things you can do), and go to the dedicated section and just post your proposal and see how things will go. Community registered members will comment and vote (if you are not already registered, please become a member). All ideas are analyzed and stand a good chance of being implemented after approval by the community members. You can see which of your ideas have been selected by checking the idea list.

If you want to contribute in a more tangible way, then you will have to become a contributor. This way you will have the chance to submit patches that will become part of the project outputs. All contributions will be acknowledged and thanked for.