Hackathon #2 – October 22, 2013 – January 24, 2014


A six weeks coding experience
For the second FinTP hackathon, we did not plan only a one-day event, but a full 6 weeks experience. Our goal stays the same: to enable collaboration for developing the FinTP platform and offer the relevant resources for the community.

Event setup:

FinTP Hackathon #2 has three stages:
  1. 22 October 2013 – The opening event, dubbed “FinTP In Between Two Hackathons”. It is aimed to provide some highlights on the second hackathon and what’s in it for the participants. Allevo’s senior business consultants, developers, professional customer support, business development, process design and commercial representatives will be there to share their view related to the final tunings Allevo undertakes prior to openly publishing, in January 2014, FinTP and its set of features. They will also reveal the timeline of further releases and how we plan to keep improving the agility and relevance of our presence in the community. Our developers will also reveal the themes for this edition of the FinTP hackathon.
  2. The development stage: over the following six weeks, each participant will be able to get familiar with the available source code and can choose to work on one of the suggested themes or to anything they find more interesting. Anybody can publish their own ideas and bring their contribution to the framework we’re presenting. Ideas and suggestions are more than welcome. Any idea is a good idea: business, technical, fun… And any good idea can be improved into a great idea.

  3. 12 December 2013 – The closing session. In the first half of the day, it will host a workshop for each type of professional profile of the participants, and in the second half of the day a conclusions session to deliver the opinion of both Allevo and the rest of the participants on the readiness of the FinTP project for being published. Last but not least, we will reward the contributors with post Saint Nicolas and pre Santa Claus gifts.

Web developers (preferably Java), C++ developers and other developers

Themes or where you could help:
Message editor with validation and correction
Performance dashboard
Next big thing
… but, remember, your creativity has no limits!

We’ll install and configure on one server the following: PostgreSQL Server and a live FinTP API with relevant data.

The source code developed during the 6 weeks of the event will belong to those who wrote it. At the end of Hackathon #2, on December 12, you will present the results of your contribution to developing FinTP, according to the theme you have chosen during the “FinTP In Between Two Hackathons”.


As hackathonists took their job very seriously and need a little bit more time to go in depth with the FinTP code, Allevo decided to grant them another month of coding, until January 24th, 2014. Why until then? Because on that date, as the rumour spreads already, Allevo will celebrate the official publishing of the FinTP code. Therefore, the FinTP Hackathon #2 winner will be awarded during the festivities of the FinTP code launch event. Good luck with coding and see you next year for the great event!


See the full rules and regulations page for this event.